1. What does the Colorado Health Foundation fund?

改善科罗拉多人的健康, 我们考虑与我们的资助类型一致的资助申请 重点领域横切的努力.

Review 重点领域, 横切的努力 和 开放基金:

2. How does the Foundation evaluate grantee work?

All grantees participate in our evaluation model, though engagement for a particular grantee may vary depending on the specific projects, 资助或重点领域. 我们希望在资助之初和项目的整个生命周期内,让受助人清楚地了解对评估的期望. Some ways that grantees may be engaged in evaluation are:

  • All grantees are expected to report monitoring data on our Measurable Results 和/or through regular reporting processes.
  • Grantees may be asked to provide some additional data as part of their normal reporting process.
  • Grantees may be asked to engage in an evaluation study across a body of work we are funding (cluster evaluation).
  • Grantees may be asked to engage in an evaluation study specific to their grant (generally using a third party evaluator).
  • 受助人可能会被要求参加其他非正式的学习活动.

受助人可能被要求参与这些活动的任何组合. The Foundation’s evaluation team will then work with grantees to help them underst和 expectations, 在整个评估过程中回答任何问题并提供支持. We focus on ensuring that our evaluation practices do 不 create an undue burden on grantees.

我们欢迎您就评估过程提出问题或反馈. If you have specific questions about the evaluation model or the evaluation expectations, contact Kelci价格, director of 学习 和 评价 at .

3. What type of grant support does the Foundation provide?

通常, 我们考虑为项目拨款, general operating support 和 capacity building, but funding criteria will detail this type of information on the specific funding page. 有时, we also consider requests for capital funding if the proposed efforts have a demonstrable link to our community outcomes. 在每种情况下, funding criteria guide specifically what will be funded 和 in general we define these areas as follows:

  • 项目: 在规定的时间内进行的特定活动集.
  • 一般操作支持: support for an organization's day-to-day expenses to enable it to carry out its mission.
  • 能力建设: strengthening an organization by enhancing financing, 治理, planning 和 other business capabilities.
  • 资本: improving an organization's facilities or infrastructure. 

4. 一般营运奖助金与计划奖助金有何不同?

Project grants are for specific activities carried out over a defined time period; for example, a one-year project to enroll eligible children in CHP+.

General operating grants support an organization's day-to-day expenses to enable it to carry out its mission. 我们只会向那些与我们的使命相一致,并帮助我们实现一个或多个目标的组织提供一般运营资助.

5. 两者有什么区别 资金的机会 和 advocacy 快速反应资金? 

  • 我们的 资金的机会 focus on specific needs aligned with a particular priority within our 重点领域. These vary for each funding deadline (2月. 15、6月15日和10月15日. 15). Applicants will be required to address detailed criteria specific to that funding opportunity. Grant funding is highly competitive within the pool of applicants for each individual funding opportunity. 
  • 我们的 倡导快速反应基金 supports short-term advocacy initiatives. T在这里 is no deadline for rapid response grants. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 注意:我们是  通过我们的倡导快速反应基金接受与covid -19相关或其他非倡导活动和努力的申请. 

6. How much funding will the Foundation provide for my proposal?

授予一个组织的数额取决于许多因素, such as a project's total budget 和 an organization's budget. 我们赞成包括其他资助人的建议,并且建议的活动在奖助金期限结束后将如何继续.

7. Does the Foundation make multiyear grants?


8. How long does it take to receive grant funding?

Depending on the complexity of the request, the review process takes approximately four months.

9. How does the Foundation decide who receives a grant?

当我们收到一个提案时,我们把它分配给我们的一个项目官员. The designated program officer will work with their team as appropriate to review the proposal thoroughly.

Many factors enter into a final grant recommendation, the most significant of which is the demonstrated capacity of the applicant to impact the goals of the funding type. 在进行评估时, 项目官员认为, 在其他方面, 申请人提出的策略, organizational capacity to achieve the results 和 coordination with complementary efforts of other organizations. Program officers will speak with the applicants as needed 和 occasionally conduct a site visit.

10. Does the Foundation have a threshold on funding?

基金会的目的是鼓励多样化的资金基础,以加强我们所资助的非营利组织的财务健康和可持续性. 作为一个结果, in 2015 we set guidelines to ensure that an organization is 不 excessively dependent on Foundation funding. 在一般情况下, 我们的工作是确保我们的年度资助支出不超过一个组织年度费用预算的25%. For organizations receiving more than one grant from us, the guideline is 30 percent of the annual expense budget. 这些门槛是在审查拨款提案时考虑的, underst和ing that at times the Foundation may decide to go above these guidelines. 在这些情况下, 我们的工作人员将与该组织合作,以确保该组织正在考虑和规划未来多样化的资金来源. This guideline does 不 apply to fiscal sponsors, but to the sponsored organizations.


1. Who is eligible for a Colorado Health Foundation grant?

We generally make grants to two types of organizations:

  • 根据第501(c)(3)条,科罗拉多组织被归类为免税组织
  • 科罗拉多州公共机构,包括州和地方政府

没有501(c)(3)地位的新组织或新兴组织可以通过免税组织作为财政赞助商提出申请. 财政资助人必须对任何授予的资助资金保持完全的自由裁量权和控制权,并且应该有组织能力来管理和接受财政资助所涉及的风险. 另外, 该项目必须与财政赞助商的慈善使命保持一致, 在向bet9登陆线路检测申请拨款之前,财政赞助者的董事会必须批准该项目,以进一步促进赞助者的慈善使命. 请 download the Foundation's fiscal sponsor policy 和 sample memor和um of underst和ing (MOU). 如果你对你的组织的资格有任何疑问, please do 不 hesitate to contact us at 和 ask to speak with our grantmaking department.

注意: If a public support test requirement to retain public charity status applies to your organization, 作为bet9登陆线路检测的公共慈善基金, 你必须确保你的组织收到的赠款不会导致它失去其作为公共支持的慈善机构的地位.

2. 谁没有资格获得资助?

本基金会不会向故意歧视某一类人的组织颁发补助金. 要有资格获得资助的机构必须遵守所有适用的地方, 状态, 和 federal anti-discrimination laws in hiring, employment practices 和 when providing services.


  • 个人
  • 要求加入某一宗教或促进某一宗教信仰的项目(信仰组织如果欢迎并服务社区的所有成员,而不考虑宗教信仰,就有资格获得资助, 和 provided that they do 不 require participation in activities that are specifically religious)
  • For-profit organizations or programs operated by, or for the benefit of, for-profit organizations
  • 债务退休
  • 筹款活动
  • 捐赠基金

请致电或与资助运作高级总监联络 Email 如果您对您的组织获得资助的资格有任何疑问.

3. 基金会是否为丹佛地铁以外的机构提供资助?

是的. 我们为科罗拉多州各地的居民提供补助.

4. 基金会是否为科罗拉多州以外的机构提供资助?

Generally, we do 不 fund organizations outside Colorado. When we do, it is because the project will provide a significant benefit to Coloradans.


1. 我的组织如何向bet9登陆线路检测申请拨款?


阅读更多bet9登陆线路检测该怎么做的信息 在你申请

All grant applications are submitted electronically through the specific funding page on our 网站. 在线提交的完整说明可以在这里找到.

If you would like to see what the application looks like ahead of applying, review the sample 标准应用程序 和 快速反应的应用.

2. 我如何在网上申请?

如果想在线申请,请阅读 申请过程 首先,按照说明操作. Tip: We recommend that applicants type answers to the proposal questions into a word processing document, then copy 和 paste the entries into the appropriate section of the online application. 这有助于加速这个过程.

3. 我该怎么办 if I can不 submit an online application?

If you are unable to complete an online application, please contact our senior director of Grantmaking Operations for instructions about an alternative submission.

Senior Director of Grantmaking Operations

4. Are t在这里 deadlines for grant applications?

是的. 我们每年有三个截止日期: 2月. 15日,6月15日 10月. 15. When these dates fall on a holiday or weekend, the deadline will be the next business day. 

5. 如果我正在申请一般营运补助金,我应该怎样写我的计划书?

Organizations applying for a general operating grant should write a proposal about their organization as a whole, 而不是bet9登陆线路检测一个具体的项目. Include information about your organization's projects, 项目和服务集中在一起,以便我们能够了解您的组织如何开展其工作以实现其使命.

6. What is meant by "intermediate milestones"?

在提案叙述中, you are asked to describe the final results that you hope to achieve through your work. 对于多年期赠款,我们认识到可能无法立即取得成果. 因此, we ask you to provide no more than five important milestones for each year of your program or project. Milestones might include "products" or "deliverables" that will help you achieve your final results. 例如, during the course of a three-year project grant, you may plan to increase the number of parents educated on child development 和 nutrition. Your milestones might include the following:


  • 制定并确定项目的循证课程
  • Develop a survey instrument to assess parent comprehension levels before 和 after the course


  • Implement the course 和 summarize participant feedback
  • Refine curriculum 和 survey instrument to reflect lessons learned from the first year


  • The number of individuals reached by the effort
  • The total number of parents sufficiently educated on child development 和 nutrition
  • If t在这里 are plans to continue the program, you can report on the predicted results of sustained efforts 和 the potential scope of dissemination


7. Do you request information in the application on how we will track results or measure impact?

We ask that you describe how many individuals (numerical) that you expect to serve or reach with your program or project. 我们还要求你描述你将如何知道你的计划或项目已经导致了你所设定的总体结果. 另外, we ask that you describe how your program or project has led to greater health 股本 for your target populations.

8. 你在申请中需要什么类型的财务信息?

We ask that you describe how you will use the requested funding by providing a brief budget narrative. If you are applying for more than one year of funding, 我们要求你把每年的总金额也算进去. We also ask that you share with us other major sources of funding – financial or non-financial for the program or project.

9. 如果我所在的机构没有经审计的财务报表,我应该怎样做?

Provide your most recent fiscal year's unaudited 状态ments, including the profit 和 loss 状态ment 和 balance sheet.

10. 如果我使用的是财政赞助商,我还需要提供哪些额外的材料?


1. How do I begin the online application process?

You will begin your online application on a specific funding page on the 网站. 资金的机会 focus on specific needs aligned with a particular priority within our 重点领域. These vary for each funding deadline (2月. 15、6月15日和10月15日. 15). Applicants will be required to address detailed criteria specific to that funding opportunity. Grant funding is highly competitive within the pool of applicants for each individual funding opportunity. 我们的 快速反应资金 supports short-term advocacy initiatives. T在这里 is no deadline for rapid response grants. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


2. If I am in the middle of writing my application, can I save it 和 continue working on it later?

是的. 在右下角, 如果您想保存您的申请并继续工作,请点击“保存并继续”;如果您想保存您的工作以下次返回或提交,请点击“保存并关闭”. Once you’ve clicked either saving option, 您将在应用程序门户左侧工具栏的“In Progress”部分中看到您的应用程序. 您可以通过“In Progress”下的工具栏访问应用程序,或者单击应用程序右上角的“Edit”按钮,继续对应用程序进行操作.

Note that the grant portal does 不 auto save. We encourage you to frequently click on "Save 和 Continue" when drafting your application so as 不 to lose any work. 在提交申请之前,您必须保存申请.

3. I saved my application in a previous session. 我该怎么回去呢?

进入“登录”页面 在这里.

4. 我点击了“保存”,现在我无法回到我的应用程序. 我该怎么办?

要回到“登录”页面,点击 在这里. 如果您有任何问题,请致电我们的资助行动小组 .

5. How do I submit attachments if I'm using the online system?

申请人需将所需文件上传至网上申请系统. 上传附件, you select the blue (+) button to the right of the specific document you’re wanting to upload, 添加的文件, 点击“上传.” Repeat this step for each required document. 如果你想增加额外的, 可选的文档, please locate 和 select the (+) button on the “Application Documents” section to add.

6. How can I tell if my application has gone through?

When you click “Submit,” you will receive an Email confirmation that we received your application. This is why it is very important to enter your Email address accurately on your application. If you do 不 receive an Email confirmation, please call our Grantmaking Operations team at .


7. 如果我在线提交申请时系统崩溃了怎么办?

Although the online grant application system has been designed to minimize loss of information, 我们建议经常储蓄. 通过登录到授予门户,或者如果登录到应用程序门户,单击“In Progress”下的应用程序,您可以轻松地恢复应用程序.

As an additional way to avoid loss of your data, we recommend typing your answers to the proposal questions into a word-processing document first. You can then copy 和 paste your answers into the appropriate sections of the online application form.

At any time during the online application process, 你可以使用“打印机友好版”按钮打印出你的提案.

8. I submitted my application, but t在这里's a mistake in it. 我可以再提交一份吗?

如果您在应用程序中发现错误或有任何技术困难, please call our Grantmaking Operations team at .

9. 我已经递交了申请. 我现在应该期待什么?

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an Email confirming receipt. 根据需要, a Foundation staff member may be in touch with you to discuss your proposal 和 to follow up with any additional questions. 有时, our program staff will schedule a site visit so they can meet you in person 和 further discuss proposed activities. 请注意,决策过程可能需要四个月的时间. Once a decision has been made, you will be 不ified promptly.

在这个过程的任何时刻, please do 不 hesitate to contact our grantmaking staff with questions or concerns.

10. 网上申请资助的制度有何规定?

T在这里 are no special system requirements for completing an online grant application. Although high-speed Internet access will make the process much faster, it is 不 required. Chrome是首选浏览器.

11. 当我在网上申请时,我的组织的信息是保密的吗?

The Foundation takes your privacy seriously. 我们不租, 向其他人或非关联公司或组织出售或分享有关您或您的资助申请的个人信息.


1. Why is the Foundation collecting demographic data?

bet9登陆线路检测继续将公平放在我们所做的一切的中心, we recognize a need to be clear 和 transparent with applicants 和 grantees about what we expect of them, 以及他们能从我们这里得到什么, 当涉及到深化基金会的公平导向和我们的运营和规划工作的实践时.

我们努力促进科罗拉多州的卫生和卫生公平, 我们致力于进行艰苦和必要的工作,以有意识地按照我们自己的组织正义规划我们的前进道路, 股本, diversity 和 inclusion learning journey 和 practice. 像这样, we seek to engage with organizations who are at different points in their own learning journeys, including those who are miles ahead of us 和 those who are just starting this critically important work.

As part of this commitment to learning 和 evolving, 基金会努力理解我们和那些与我们一起工作的人是如何在我们自己的机构和我们服务的社区内促进公平的. 前进, 我们正在向申请资助的组织索取有关他们自己(他们的员工和董事会)以及他们服务的社区的关键人口数据.

所要求的人口统计数据包括与种族和民族有关的身份证明, 性别, 性取向与残疾. T在这里 is also an option to share additional demographic data that does 不 fall within the above-mentioned categories. The information collected will serve as one data point, 在许多, in our effort to underst和 how those with whom we engage are approaching the work of advancing 股本. Applicants have the option to select “prefer 不 to say,或“不要跟踪。,” as well as to provide feedback on these questions overall.

2. Is this a required part of the grant application?

是的. We require demographic data information to be completed as a part of the application. 我们理解您的组织可能不会跟踪所有这些信息, or may 不 be able to report on it for a variety of reasons. If that is the case, please select “do 不 track” or “prefer 不 to say” as needed. You’ll also be given an opportunity to provide additional context or explanations if necessary.

3. What if my organization doesn’t or can不 track the demographic information requested?


4. 我的组织是由财政资助的. 我应该向谁的董事会、行政领导和员工提供信息?

请 provide information for the applicant organization, which in this case is the fiscally-sponsored project.

5. I have more questions about this data collection, is t在这里 someone I can contact?

如果您对此数据收集有疑问或考虑, 请bet9登陆线路莎拉·纪尧姆 SGuillaume@www.friendshipday2014s.com or (303) 953-3600.


1. May I apply for more than one grant at the same time, 无论是在相同的重点领域,还是解决不同的健康问题?

这取决于. Each application is reviewed on its own merits. 如果你要提交一份新的提案, you are welcome to submit an application within an aligned, 开放基金. 用于当前补助金的续期, we ask that you wait until four months before the grant period ends before submitting an application for renewal. 当你申请一个新的资助,或重新申请,我们鼓励你 确保当前奖助金的所有报告都是最新的. 请访问 授予门户 并参考 网站 或您的项目官员,以进一步支持完成报告.

2. I recently applied for a grant 和 was turned down. How can I find out why my request was declined so I can be more successful the next time?

不幸的是,我们必须拒绝更多超出我们能力范围的提案. If you have questions about the reasons for declination, 请拨总机号码, , 和 you will be put in touch with the appropriate program officer who can address your questions.


1. Do you have any guidance on how to communicate with my network about the grant award?

Once a grant agreement is finalized, you may consider letting your audience know about it. Visit our “沟通您的助学金” webpage for information on how to reference bet9登陆线路检测 in your communications. This includes information on name usage, 标志的使用, 组织的描述, 新闻稿, 引用和社交媒体. 额外的问题, 通过邮件bet9登陆线路 或致电 .


1. 我的奖助金报告要求是什么?我如何提交报告?

所有资助协议都列出了资助报告的要求. 请 refer to your grant agreement for details. Approximately 35 days prior to your report being due, an Email reminder will be sent from the Foundation providing a link to the grantee portal 和 instructions. 门户要求您在完成报告或上传授权交付之前使用用户名和密码进行登录. Once in the portal, your will find your report located in the “Upcoming 报告” section. You can learn more about reporting requirements 在这里.


Senior Director of Grantmaking Operations


1. What is the history of bet9登陆线路检测?

我们成立于1995年,当时的名称是健康一联盟, a nonprofit established when the HealthONE hospital system entered into a joint venture with HCA-HealthONE. Over the years, our structure, mission 和 name has changed to best serve Colorado’s health needs. 虽然我们最初的重点是医学研究和急性护理, 我们的愿景是横跨科罗拉多州, 我们每个人都可以说:“我们拥有健康生活所需要的一切." 了解更多 bet9登陆线路检测我们的历史.

2. 我如何bet9登陆线路项目官员?

At any time in the process of thinking about, developing or submitting a grant application, we encourage you to contact us with any question, 大或小. 请拨总机号码, 或(免费), 你会被安排去找最合适的项目主管.