在基金会, we recognize the critical need to honor young people and offer spaces that support ongoing growth and development in the face of various forms of discrimination. The experiences of living with the traumatic consequences of persistent systemic oppression can lead to higher rates of anxiety, 有色人种青年的抑郁和自杀-阿拉伯/中东, 亚洲/太平洋岛民, 黑色/非裔美国人, 西班牙/ Latinx, 本土/印第安人, 与白人相比,多种族社区和LGBTQ青年, 顺性别和异性恋的同龄人. Moreover, they are less likely to have access to culturally relevant supports. 然而,, youth of color and LGBTQ youth demonstrate astounding resiliency in the face of mental health challenges.

Through our Supporting Healthy Minds and Youth Resiliency funding opportunity, the Foundation will support youth of color and LGBTQ youth (age 12 - 18) as they explore and grow their resiliency through 身份, 机构和归属感.

身份, 机构和归属感 help youth develop personal and interpersonal capacities, 比如与同龄人和成年人的关系发展, 解决问题, 批判性思维, sense of awareness and sense of self – all of which are critical to strengthening resiliency and coping.

建议的计划和/或项目必须反映 基金会的基石. These outline who we serve, how our work is informed and our intent to create 卫生公平

有问题? We’re here to talk through your ideas and encourage you to connect with us before applying for funding. 如果你还没有和项目官员一起工作,请通过 email or by phone at , and be sure to note the county you work in and area of interest.

Si necesita acceder la solicitud de fondos en español, por favor contáctenos a grants@www.friendshipday2014s.com



有问题? 更多信息请bet9登陆线路您的项目官员.


To be considered for funding, organizations must meet the following criteria: 

  • Include the same group of young people and adults meeting over a sustained period of time to foster strong relationships and learning.
  • Support young people as they build their skills and/or develop in each of the following areas:
    • 种族、民族、性别和/或性别的发展 身份.
    • 的示范 机构 通过行使权力和影响表现出来. 这可以通过建立并努力实现个人目标来实现, 通知编程元素, and/or pursuit of leadership and advocacy opportunities in the broader community.
    • 的经验 归属感 通过建立强大的, supportive relationships with peers and trusted adults and understanding themselves to be a valued member of their community.
  • 回应参与小组的文化动态.e. programmatic components are designed or adapted to meet the needs of their context and the population served; organization’s staff bring lived and learned experiences to understand needs, identities and culture of participants; and organization has a history with and is trusted by participants, 谁负责提供信息, 指导和/或帮助实施工作.

Organizations may seek up to two years of program or project support funding for maintenance, 增强或扩展与上述标准一致的工作. 


The Foundation will be looking for ways applicants integrate their commitment to growing a sense of 身份, 在他们的工作中,年轻人的代理权和归属感贯穿始终. An array of youth programming will be considered, such as (but not limited to):

  • 公民参与
  • 诗歌与艺术
  • 传统文化实践
  • 户外探险
  • 学徒或工作技能培训
  • 社区服务


代理: Youth perceive and have the ability to employ their assets and aspirations to make or influence their own decisions about their lives and set their own goals, 并根据这些决定采取行动,以达到预期的结果.

归属: Youth feel like valued members of the community and live in relationships that provide mutual support and care.

应对技能: Coping skills refers to ways in which we learn to deal with various stressors. 每个人应对压力的方式都不一样.

身份: 身份 refers to our sense of who we are as individuals and as members of social groups. Our identities are not simply our own creation: identities grow in response to both internal and external factors. 在某种程度上, 我们每个人都选择一个身份, 但身份认同也是由我们无法控制的环境力量形成的.

交集: 社会分类的内在bet9登陆线路,比如种族, 适用于特定的个人或群体的阶级和性别, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.

韧性: 弹性指的是在逆境或创伤的情况下仍然能够很好地应对和发挥作用.


Grantees will be asked to report the number of unique individuals served by their program each year. This funding opportunity also includes additional evaluation activities conducted by an external evaluator. 我们预计这将需要时间从受让人和项目参与者, 谁可能被要求参加面试之类的活动, 调查, 等.

我们经常与第三方评估者合作, contractors and other organizations over the course of our work with applicants and grantees. Your application and its attachments may be shared with these individuals or entities during the review process and grant cycle. All third-party organizations partnering with the Foundation have signed a confidentiality agreement and will not use or share the information for purposes outside of the scope of work specific to the grant application or grant award. 如果您有任何疑问或需要更多信息,请发email grants@www.friendshipday2014s.com 或致电我们的资助行动高级主管 .

我们鼓励所有申请者 报名 in our grants management system one week in advance of submitting a grant application. 5便士申请资助.m. 2022年6月15日MDT. 在截止日期前提交的申请(2月2日). 15、6月15日和10月15日. 15)直到最后期限过后才被审查.

Si necesita acceder la solicitud de fondos en español, por favor contáctenos a grants@www.friendshipday2014s.com