Colorado Health Foundation’s Office is First U.S. 同时获得WELL和LEEDv4黄金级认证的项目

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DENVER, CO – 的 Colorado Health Foundation, Davis Partnership Architects (Davis), Saunders Construction (Saunders) and WSP 今天宣布,基金会在丹佛上城社区的新办公大楼获得了WELL黄金级认证 International WELL Building InstituteTM (IWBITM). 的 project has also achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v4 Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). 的 building is the first project in the U.S. to be both WELL CertifiedTM Gold and LEED v4 Gold Certified, 反映了基金会致力于改善所有科罗拉多人的健康状况, including employees and those who visit the building.

WELL Building Standard™ (好吧)是一项以表现为本的认证制度,把设计和建造的最佳实践与以证据为基础的科学研究结合起来. 该基金会的建筑获得这一殊荣是基于建筑性能的七个类别:空气, 水, 光, Nourishment, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.

LEED, which is available for virtually all building, community and home project types, provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. WELL的设计是为了与绿色建筑评级系统(如LEED)相辅相成,并实现无缝对接, 协调在健康和可持续性两个方面获得认证的项目的健康和可持续性成果. 

的 Foundation’s office building, completed in late 2016, was designed by Davis and constructed by Saunders, 而WSP提供可持续性和面向健康的设计咨询以及机械, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering throughout the project.

“建筑背后的目的是在社区内创建一个目的地,反映基金会的实践,影响变化和提高对健康重要性的认识,” said David Daniel, principal at Davis Partnership Architects. At the start of the project, Davis outlined several guiding principles for the project, 包括参与该项目的每个人和实体都将努力全面改善创造者的健康状况, occupy and engage with the facility over its lifetime. With that in mind, 从项目一开始,Davis就瞄准了WELL金牌认证和LEED v4金牌认证.

桑德斯建筑公司荣幸地为bet9登陆线路检测建造了这座以健康为中心的建筑. 的 Foundation’s mission is to improve the health of Coloradans, especially those with less power or privilege. Saunders和所有的建筑合作伙伴开始对我们的员工产生影响,因为我们的行业历来是健康风险和行为最高的行业之一. 这一使命与我们的企业社会责任倡议非常一致, eight years in the making, by educating all construction professionals on healthy lifestyle tips, 提供健康的食物选择,奖励健康的行为,我们总共走了4400多万步,” said Justin Cooper, vice president of project development at Saunders.

Foundation Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Rahn Porter said, “我们之所以决定建造一个新的办公室,是因为我们希望创造一个健康的办公环境, 为基金会今天和明天的雇员提供一个可持续的、具有成本效益的新家. 我们很高兴能在科罗拉多和其他地方帮助开创健康建筑运动, 并希望我们的努力能够激励其他人将WELL和LEED认证融入到他们的建筑项目中. Most importantly, 我们有信心,我们的新大楼将允许我们的员工不懈地追求我们在科罗拉多的愿景, each of us can say, ‘We have all we need to live healthy lives.’”

基金会的新大楼以多种方式融合了七个WELL概念:所有员工的办公桌距离窗户25英尺以内, allowing for abundant natural light. 大厅里40英尺高的生活墙融合了各种植物,中央楼梯鼓励体育活动. 两个安静的房间位于远离工作区域,可以用来休息, nursing mothers or phone calls.

LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. 该基金会大楼的能源使用强度(EUI)比基准办公楼高46%. This was achieved by combining passive design approaches (daylighting, massing and operable windows) with an efficient HVAC system, LED lighting and Energy Star appliances. 的 building is also prepped for future installation of solar panels.

All photos credited to Frank Ooms.

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International WELL Building Institute™, IWBI™和相关标识是经国际WELL建筑协会许可使用的商标.

About the Colorado Health Foundation
的 Colorado Health Foundation 通过投资与全州社区紧密合作,为所有科罗拉多人带来健康, policy advocacy, learning and capacity building. For more information, please visit